May 2, 2016 3:29:59 PM EDT
  • 5 Ways to be a Happier, Healthier Driver5 Ways to be a Happier, Healthier Driver

    Last year was full of alarming news about driver health. This might not all apply to you, but odds are at least some of it does. Let this be the year you do something about fixing it. We offer up to five ways to be a happier, healthier driver MORE...
  • The Worst Cities for Truck DriversThe Worst Cities for Truck Drivers

    Ever notice how ads meant to recruit truck drivers always show semis rolling down scenic highways with no other vehicles in sight? But the reality is traffic-choked cities are unavoidable for most truckers, whether over-the-road or local. MORE...

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  • Top Ten Mobile Electronics for Your On-the-go LifestyleTop Ten Mobile Electronics for Your On-the-go Lifestyle

    Business demands drivers stay in touch at all times and those drivers are accustomed to bringing the comforts of home on the road. RoadPro and other manufacturers have responded with an array of electronics that make business and life easier, more productive and more enjoyable. We've rounded up the top 10 mobile electronics and asked some of our RoadPro Pro Driver Council members to give them a road test and provide reviews: MORE...


Allen Wilcher
RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member


Allen is a 30-year truck driving veteran with over 3 million accident-free miles under his belt. He learned to drive at an early age, has seen many changes in the industry, and still enjoys the freedom of the road.

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