November 27, 2015 10:14:39 AM EST
  • Heavy-Duty Charging Power from RoadKingHaunted Highways

    Large Marge might be the most famous trucking ghost, but she’s hardly the only one. To hear truckers tell it, the country is crisscrossed with haunted highways and byways and dotted with haunted trucks stops and roadhouses and even service stations.MORE...
  • Heavy-Duty Charging Power from RoadKingRoadKing Heavy-Duty Charging Accessories

    RoadKing has been the professional driver’s choice for more than 50 years. RoadKing knows what truckers demand of their equipment and everything it makes meets that challenge. The new line of chargers and sync cables is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS, Bluetooth® and other devices that keep you connected on the road.MORE...

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  • Why I Became a TruckerWhy I Became a Trucker

    There's no one path to becoming a trucker. Some people grew up in trucking families while others have felt an irresistible attraction to the big rigs since childhood. We asked a number of truckers – some company, some independent – why they climbed behind the wheel. Here's what they told us: MORE...

Joanne Fatta
RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member


Joanne began her driving career over 15 years ago. In addition to driving for Sunrise Transport she also teaches new drivers. Joanne was awarded the Driver of the Year Award in 2013 from Sunrise Transport, and was named Overdrive's Most Beautiful in 2015 by Overdrive Magazine.

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