10 items to always keep On Your Truck


10 items to always keep On Your Truck

May 24, 2018

10 items to always keep On Your Truck

While it is a given that every over-the-road driver needs to make sure to have plenty of water on their truck, as well as shelf-stable foods, we wanted to get some ideas from our trucking community on a few items they make sure to always keep on their truck. We asked for their top 10 under $10 and here is what they said:

1. 3-Wick Candle - “In a shut-down in frigid weather, a 3-wick candle in a truck sleeper will not keep you warm, but will keep you alive, and warm up a can of soup if you have no power.” ~ Bill Weaver, Truck Driver

2. Matches – Necessary for lighting the candle.

3. Duct Tape - "The duct tape will help seal off any cold air leaks.”

Although you might think that is a good tip for the winter months - with weather as unpredictable as it has been it is quite possible this could be a useful tip no matter what time of year.

4. Basic First Aid Kit - This should include things like bandages, Neosporin®, peroxide, and a good pain reliever of your choice. 

5. Super Glue - It has multiple uses, not only to fix an item that needs repair - but can also be used to seal a deep cut on a hand or finger until you can seek further medical treatment.

6. Multi-bit Screwdriver Set - “RoadPro has a multi-bit set for $6.99 that I picked up at a travel center, you will find that it is a must-have on the truck and will prove useful.” ~ Robert Greene

7. 70% Rubbing Alcohol - It is not only good for first aid situations but to wipe down those touchscreens on devices without damaging them. It also works well in a pinch for sanitization of hands and surfaces. Robert did recommend if you are a company driver that you make sure you are advised on their policy as some companies do not allow rubbing alcohol on their trucks. 

8. Listerine® - Not only for its typical use but if you rub it on your wrist and ankles it will drop your body temperature when you are overheated or even when you have a fever.

9. Instant Ice Packs – Good for cooling down or for minor strains and pains.

10. Powdered Gatorade® - For hydration during summer months or even when you are sick, Robert advised always having this on hand.

Additional to these items, epoxy has saved Robert on many occasions not only for a repair on the truck to hold you over until you get to the shop, but he also used it to hold together his torn shoe until he could get to a place to buy a new pair.

Other popular items were: a pocket knife, extra fuses, an Atlas map book and a bathroom rug or something soft to put your feet on the floorboard, paper towels, paper plates, plastic utensils, pens, a pack of screws and bolts for minor repairs, good pair of utility scissors, microfiber towels, flathead, and Phillip’s head screwdriver, and glass cleaner.

While there are more than 10 – we hope this will help guide you towards having a well-stocked truck for almost any situation you may encounter on the road. All of these products can also be found in your favorite truck stop.

Join the discussion below in the comments! What are essential items you keep on your truck?

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