How to Clean Cooking Appliances in Your Truck


How to Clean Cooking Appliances in Your Truck

February 13, 2024

How to Clean Cooking Appliances in Your Truck

When you begin to cook in your truck, you may wonder how you will clean the dishes. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s essential for good eating and staying healthy. The RoadPro Driver’s Lounge Facebook Group gave insight into how they clean their dishes and keep their cooking area clean while on the road.

Tiffany Wallin has the right idea – stopping by truck stops and using the sinks by the coffee station for a quick cleanup. Just remember to clean up after yourself. Some truck stops will have signs that you cannot use the sinks, so be sure to look and make sure you can use them.

Jack Fu’s on board with the same approach. He uses the sinks near the drink area, gets the job done, and makes sure to leave things tidy for the next person.

Randy Walters, a member of the RoadPro Driver’s Lounge, is all about simplicity. Grab a dish pan, some Dawn dish soap, and a gallon of water or a water bottle, and get to cleaning up!

Jenn Eury has an RV sleeper that comes equipped with a kitchen sink. Her cleanup looks a little easier as she can wash her dishes in her sink.

Keeping your cooking appliances clean will help you be more organized as you cook each day, and get into a rhythm of cooking over the road. A tidy cooking space makes life on the road a bit more comfortable. So, whether you’re just getting started cooking in your truck, or have been for many years, let’s keep those cooking spaces clean and enjoy some good food while out on the open road!

We’d love for you to share how you keep your cooking appliances clean while over the road. Share in the comments on our blog or join our RoadPro Driver’s Lounge to participate in more conversations like this!

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