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How Do You Talk Trucker CB Lingo?

July 8, 2022

How Do You Talk Trucker CB Lingo?


“Breaker 1-9, What’s it looking like over your shoulder?”

Do you know what the phrase above means? Read on to find out!

A CB is commonly used in a truck to communicate with other drivers about traffic, weather, and hazards on the road. While to most it may seem like a different language – to truck drivers it's standard lingo. Truck lingo is always changing and different in various regions.

If you are a new driver or have been a driver for quite some time, here’s your refresher and lesson on popular CB lingo! We asked a few of our RoadPro Council members and others in our community what they use on a day-to-day basis.


CB Lingo Words and Phrases:

10-4 – OK, message received.

Roger – Yes; affirmative

What’s your 20 – What is your location?

Stopping for a 10 – 36 – Need correct time/Correct time is

What’s it look like over your shoulder? – How’s it lookin’ over your shoulder?

RodKnocker - Ok

Kojack with a Kodak – Police officer monitoring a speed trap

Big Truck Gotta Roll – Come over big truck

Back door – Someone is behind your truck

Large car – Big fancy rig

Catch you on the flip flop – Talk to you on the return trip

Breaker Breaker 1-9 – Starting a transmission on Channel 19


While a CB is not required on the road, it can help you avoid a traffic jam and be prepared for oncoming accidents, weather, and more.

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Join the discussion in the comments! What is your favorite CB lingo to use?

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