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5 Tips for Staying Warm In Your Truck This Winter

December 13, 2023

5 Tips for Staying Warm In Your Truck This Winter

Truckers, we know winter is never easy. You battle ugly weather conditions and also deal with unbearable cold temperatures. Staying warm on the road is not just a matter of comfort but is crucial for ensuring safety and overall well-being. We asked our RoadPro Driver’s Lounge Facebook Group how they stay warm in the winter in their trucks. Here are five essential tips for you to brave the winter chill.

1. Invest in a Bunk Heater

Investing in a reliable bunk heater is a game-changer for facing freezing temperatures. These heaters are specifically designed to keep your cab area warm and cozy during cold nights. If you don’t have the power source for a bunk heater, RoadPro makes 12v portable heaters that will work fantastically in your cab. Simply plug into a 12v port, and you’re set!

2. Warm Blankets and Thermal Layers

Battling the winter chill goes beyond relying solely on your truck’s heater. Equipping your cab with warm blankets and adding thermal layers under the covers provides an extra layer of warmth. Layer up and create a cozy sleeping space!

3. Carry a Candle or Two

A simple yet effective way to generate additional heat in your truck’s cabin is by carrying a candle or two. While it may seem unconventional, a lit candle can contribute to maintaining a warmer truck. It can also assist in heating food or beverages as well. Be sure to place the candle in a safe location and is only used when you are in a parked location.

4. Pack a Winter Wardrobe

Dressing appropriately for winter weather is crucial for staying warm during your journey. Pack a winter set of clothes that includes insulated and waterproof clothing, thermal socks, gloves, and a hat. Having waterproof gear with you is great for snowy or rainy days when you must get out of your truck.

5. Consume Warm Food and Drinks

During the winter, many like to warm up by eating a cup of chili or soup and drinking hot chocolate. Whether you drink coffee, tea, or prefer water, all can be warmed up to help raise your body temperature. The RoadPro 12v Heated Travel Mug will keep your drinks warm for extended periods. Many also like this mug for heating soup or chili easily. A Cummins or BlackCanyon tumbler will also keep your drinks warm if you aren’t interested in the 12-volt option.

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