The History of RoadKing CBs


The History of RoadKing CBs

April 24, 2018

The History of RoadKing CBs

Let’s rewind back to 1945, when a man named Al Gross, creator of the walkie-talkie, invented the CB radio. Al could not have imagined how the CB would take off. By the 1960’s, the CB radio was popular with businesses and radio hobbyists. By the late 1960’s, advancements in solid state electronics allowed the size of the radio to be greatly reduced as well as the cost.

Suddenly, the general public had access to a communications medium that previously had only been available to specialists. CB radio clubs were formed, and hobbyists developed their own unique CB slang language along with 10-codes similar to those used by emergency services. 

By 1973, the oil crisis caused the cost of gasoline to skyrocket and shortages quickly developed. In response, the United States government issued a 55 MPH nationwide speed limit. Drivers quickly learned that CB radios could be used to communicate with other drivers to inform them of what gas stops are coming up and where police officers are sitting. 

The CB radio became so popular, by 1977 additional channels were opened up and 40-channel radios were introduced to the market (Mortal Journey).

Around that time is when RoadKing released its first CB Microphone, which quickly became popular among professional drivers. Between its superior noise-canceling technology and rugged design – they were easily set apart from other brands.

Who else remembers outfitting their truck with one of these beauties?

From there, RoadKing has grown into much more than a microphone brand. They released their very own CB radio, an obvious next step. Complete with backlight control knobs and crystal-clear communication.

Today, RoadKing has become the trusted source for reliable, affordable CB communication equipment. Their line of headsets features reduced ambient noise levels and an improved listening experience. With cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless technology, they pair to any Bluetooth-enabled device to provide full wireless freedom with up to 66 feet of operating range. Their ultra-soft, large protein leather earpads provide all-day on-the-go comfort with up to 40 hours of talk time.

But wait, RoadKing is not stopping there. Along with the new headsets, their product offering includes heavy-duty chargers, charge and sync cables, industrial phone cases, and mounts.

With federal regulations banning hand-held phones for CDL drivers, RoadKing offers high-quality, reliable, and hands-free options. RoadKing sets another new standard for the trucking industry helping commercial truckers stay safe, comfortable and connected.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the new RoadKing design as you frequent your favorite truck stops and know that RoadPro is incredibly proud to have RoadKing as a part of RoadPro Family of Brands.

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