Top 5 Apps For Truckers


Top 5 Apps For Truckers

June 8, 2018

Top 5 Apps For Truckers

We surveyed over 150 truck drivers and these are the top 5 apps they use to make everyday life a little easier. 

1. Truck Stop Apps - As more & more drivers upgrade to smartphones, truck stops are catering to this by developing their own apps. At this point, if a truck stop doesn't have an app yet, they will very soon.

The Love's app just added a "Love's Pay" feature that allows drivers to activate the pump from inside their cab so that all they have to do when getting out is pick up the pump and fuel. Love's app also has rewards, shower check in, directory, exclusive deals, and more!

The Pilot Fly J app also features "cardless fueling" and "Live Parking" which allows drivers to view available parking spots in hopes to save them time and provide the ability to plan accordingly. 

2. Trucker Path (Pro) - Whether you are using the upgraded 'Pro' version or not, Trucker Path is the most popular trucker app. This app provides a variety of convenient features to help drivers see their options on the road. It includes a map displaying all truck stops, weigh stations, diesel gas stations, truck washes, etc.

Giving drivers the ability to check out each place's amenities, fuel prices, and more before making the decision to go there. It's pretty obvious why so many truckers are using this app while on the road!

3. Weather Channel - The Weather Channel app does not require much explanation. We all know how important it is for truck drivers to be aware of upcoming weather while they make their long drives. Especially during the winter months. If you don't already have a reliable weather app - this would be the one to get!

4. Sirius XM - Spending hours listening to the radio seems pretty painful with the excess of commercials, that's where Sirius XM comes in. Although their app comes at a price, many drivers opt to buy Sirius to not only avoid commercials, but also avoid searching for stations as they make their way through different regions. 

5. Cat Scale – The Weigh My Truck app by CAT is one you'll find on a lot of drivers' phones. The purpose of this app is to save time every time you must weigh your truck. All the driver must do is set up their account and login when they reach the scale, this allows the app to register what location they are at and use pre-saved payment information right then and there. The screen will show your guaranteed weight, once the weighmaster is done checking the positioning and a pdf copy of your ticket is emailed to everyone on the account. It's all about getting in and out as fast as possible, to allow drivers to get their jobs done.

If these apps are not yet on your smartphone, we suggest changing that asap! Looking for additional apps? Here are a few others recommended by our trucking community: CamScanner, Weather Bug, Weather Underground, Waze, Big Road, QuikTrip & Fuelbook.


Join the discussion below in the comments! What trucking app is your favorite to use? Did we miss any on this list?

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