Trucker Program That Rewards You for Not Using Tobacco


Trucker Program That Rewards You for Not Using Tobacco

May 10, 2019

Trucker Program That Rewards You for Not Using Tobacco

Rigs without Cigs is a program established by St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, to help truck drivers quit tobacco use.  To date, Rigs without Cigs has helped over 50 truckers become completely tobacco free, and over 60 significantly cut back.  As a proud sponsor of this program, RoadPro Family of Brands is eager to share how it works and the new incentives that have been added to benefit those who quit.

How it works…

Rigs without Cigs is a tobacco cessation participating & incentive program that was started in September of 2017.  To enroll in the program, simply fill out the online form, and a welcome letter will be sent to you.  Once you receive the letter, your next step will be purchasing the $30 QuitKey or $15 audio book.  However, you will get reimbursed the full amount after one month of being “tobacco free”.  If you are unable to quit, you can return the QuitKey and get your money back that way.  Once you have become tobacco free through using the QuitKey or audio book, you will begin to qualify for incentives.

New incentives…

The breakdown for incentives is listed above. St. Christopher’s will start counting on the day you are completely “tobacco free”. For example, if you inform them that you are tobacco free on May 1st, your first incentive will be received on June 1st.

About the QuitKey…

The QuitKey is a handheld computer, designed to fit on a keychain. It helps to alters your smoking routine and gradually eases you off cigarette and tobacco use. The QuitKey has two stages, the first seven days is a period of tracking your normal tobacco use. It will use this information to create a personal quit plan. After seven days, stage two will begin. This is a 14-34 day period where the QuitKey will now prompt you when to smoke based on your personal quit plan. Each day you will smoke less and gradually decrease your nicotine dependence, preparing you to quit entirely.

Not sure if you want to quit?

Use the Save Calculator and see how much money you are currently spending on cigarettes/tobacco.

If you’ve already tried the program and would like to try again, you are able to re-register and take advantage of these new incentives. Register today and become one step closer to becoming tobacco free!


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