What is driving you?

September 4, 2018

What is driving you?

By Carolyn O’Byrne

Drivers, GATS has passed and truck driver appreciation week is upon us. What a better way to show our care and appreciation to you than to let you know how very important you are and that we need you to not only be physically healthy but emotional healthy too.

Do you have areas in your life that are in battle? Do you struggle with anger, difficult relationships, health issues, or weight?

Think about your life, become aware of where you are right now in the areas in your life.

Who do you desire to be?

What is driving you?

Physical and emotional health concerns are at an all time high. Heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety……. I am sure that you are like me and know of someone who is suffering.

Friends, this suffering is needless. Fad diets, pills, surgeries are not the answer.

The answer is knowing how to take care of you, starting with your gut.

Educate yourself in how to obtain the freedom of good health, the feeling of inner peace, having the energy of a child again and feeling GREAT inside and out.

Knowing this information is only the first step.

Putting yourself into drive is the ticket.

If you didn’t have the drive to push that truck down the road, our society as we know it would crash. We would run out of food and supplies in probably less than three days. Everyone would be in a panic.

I have a secret to tell you that many people don’t realize.

You have been created with a massive amount of power.

A power that man can not even comprehend. This power is the drive that allows you to be in total control of how you react or respond to life.

Whether it is physical or emotional, you have the choice, you can make the best or the worst out of every situation.

You can be your own driver!

Are you driving in the right direction?

You must fuel your mind with the right information to be sure that you are headed toward success.

For instance if you are driven by junk food your physical and emotional health will be headed for destruction.

If you are driven by the facts that lead to good health, you will be driven to success.

By educating yourself you will discover that the beginning of health starts in your gut and affects the health of your whole body.

Your gut not only determines how you digest and utilize nutrition, it feeds and promotes the health of every cell in your body.

It is the basis of cell health and your immune system. Cell health determines whole health.

Did you know that your gut produces the majority of the feel good chemicals that your brain uses? These chemicals are what keep you feeling peaceful, happy and joyful.

Gut health is the main factor to determine physical and emotional health.

Quality of life is key. Nothing matters if we don’t have our health.

You can’t effectively do your job without good health.

You can’t fully enjoy your family and friends if your health is compromised.

Now let’s examine you. In order for you to be your own driver, you have to be aware of what is holding you back.

This awareness is the first step.

To have awareness you must think.

Go into your mind right now, visualize what things make you feel alive, what things make you smile, what gives fuel to your energy? What would life be like if it were this way in everything? Well it can be this way!

Once you have this awareness in every area of your life, you can apply this drive to everything that you desire.

This simple concept can make the difference in YOUR life and the lives of us all.

You making a change will have the domino effect on every single one of us here, plus your family, friends, loved ones and everyone in the world.

We all depend on you and the drive that you have to move in a forward direction.

Will you take it? Your decision affects us all. Take control and be a driver. Be your OWN driver.

Coach Carolyn O’Byrne