Get Moving - Time to Get Ready for Summer

May 15, 2019

Get Moving - Time to Get Ready for Summer

By Carolyn O'Byrne

Get moving! If you are on the road a lot or work at a desk, there is a good chance that your circulation might not be getting the workout that it deserves. With the sedentary lifestyle that driving a truck provides as well as more and more time spent at a desk in front of a computer screen more and more health issues are on the rise. The lack of movement can cause serious health concerns such as blood clots, a lower immune system, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, anxiety or depression. This is a scary thought – but the fix can be as simple as getting up and getting moving!

Each aspect of your body’s movement has a purpose. It not only keeps you fit, but it helps your lymphatic and circulatory systems working properly too. Every cell in your body gains value from your decision to get moving.

Exercise also has been shown to largely contribute to improving your overall health giving you the feeling of well-being both emotionally and physically.  

There are some very simple things you can do without the need for a membership to a gym or expensive equipment. Take every opportunity possible to get up and walk around, rotate your feet at your ankles, and wiggle your toes. When you are walking, stomp your feet, raise your knees high or lift your heels high trying to touch your bottom. Don’t forget about your arms. Make sure to swing them high while you walk or stroll. If you don’t have any health restrictions try to do walk briskly or do activities that will get your heart rate up. This will give your heart a work out as well.  

A rebounder (a small trampoline) is also a wonderful way to get moving. It is simple and you can get as much of a workout from it as you put into it. If you really want to get serious, add weights. Using weights can be as simple as a full water jug or you can buy weights made for just working out. This will even boost your results. 

Many people who frequently exercise will tell you that the more energy you use during exercise the healthier and more energized your body becomes. Meaning the more energy you use - the more energy you have. This is an encouraging concept.

If you just don’t think that you have the motivation that it takes to do it, get an accountability partner or find someone who wants to get moving too. There are plenty of others in the same situation that you are in and would love to share their wins and results with you.

Regardless of your situation, find ways to add movement every chance that you get. You are important. You must make it happen. Make the time for you to get moving.

Coach Carolyn O’Byrne, is the wife of a trucker, author of the book "Gut Instinct," life coach and colon hydro-therapist. She works with drivers driving them toward results in physical and emotional health. Go here to grab your FREE audio and find her on her website or on social media @BeYourOwnDriver.