The Power of 12-Volt Cooking

August 21, 2019

The Power of 12-Volt Cooking

By Kim McDonnell

If you work on the road, you probably have at least an idea of what mobile 12-volt cooking can do for you. Let’s face it, when you pull in after rolling for hours, you might not want to spend even more time finding an eatery – a place that might not serve a meal you’ll like, but still might put a big hole in your wallet. Plus, you’re already hungry and don’t want to wait!

Travel appliances let you skip all that. You have quality food you like because you chose and prepared it yourself. With good, simple recipes, front-end time and prep are minimal. You decide the portion size, and you save money versus eating in a restaurant. Maybe best of all, supper can be cooking while you drive, ready to eat when you get there.

Different appliances handle different cooking jobs.  If your vehicle’s your kitchen, it pays to keep a stable of several types for top results with lots of different meals.  Also, remember: these units, which plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or other 12-volt outlet, work just as well when you’re camping, tailgating or touring.

Introducing the Roaster
The latest RoadPro 12-volt cooking unit, the RPSC-200 Portable Roaster, was designed to make the most of all these advantages. It’s handy, reliable, compact and sturdy, delivering outstanding meals and adding variety to foods you can prepare on-the-go. (Even if you love stew, you might not want it every time out. Roaster puts welcome changes on the menu.)

The vented glass lid has locking handles, so you can see what is cooking as well as keep the contents from spilling. With an illuminated on/off switch the roaster heats to 225֯ in minutes and has non-slip rubber feet to help it stay put while you roll down the road. It fits a standard 6” x 9” glass baking dish or aluminum pan, and connects to power with a heavy-duty, 5-foot cord.

Prep the meal before you head out, and let the Roaster do its work while you do yours. If you’d rather cook when you arrive, that works fine too. Either way, enjoy delicious, juicy roast beef or chicken or other slow-roasted meals done just the way you like them, when you want them.


More road-worthy cooking appliances
All these RoadPro units plug into 12-volt power ports. All can make eating on the road healthier, more affordable and more enjoyable.

12-Volt Portable Saucepan with Non-Stick Surface
This pan’s two-quart (1.9 liter) volume gives you plenty of capacity to heat soups and stews or steam hot dogs and many other meals. The pan’s equipped with a stay-cool handle, non-slip feet, non-stick inside surface for easy cleanup, and vented, tempered-glass lid. (4.5' power cord with in-line fused plug and included 20 amp replaceable blade fuse; current draw: 12 amps/165 watts.)

12-Volt Portable Frying Pan with Non-Stick Surface
At your service to make bacon, eggs, hamburgers and more, this 8" (200 mm) diameter pan comes with a special stay-cool handle, non-stick inside surface and vented, tempered-glass lid. Non-slip feet help keep the pan secure when cooking. (4.5' power cord with in-line fused plug and included 20 amp replaceable blade fuse; current draw: 13 amps/180 watts.)

12-Volt Portable Stove
This is the real powerhouse of the line with its iconic lunch box design, cooking or warming many delicious meals up to 300°F in Roadpro’s own 8"x3.75"x2.5" disposable aluminum pans, Model RPSC-90820. (5.5’, 15-amp fused power cord; current draw: 12 amps/144 watts.)

12-Volt 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker
Weighing in at just 3.8 pounds, this good-looking black-finish cooker features a removable, easy to clean 1.5-quart stoneware crock for heating or cooking foods between 140 and 170°F. To keep things secure, it includes easy-grip handles on the base and a stretch cord to keep the glass lid firmly in place. (6’ power cord; current draw: 8 amps/96 watts.)