Do you CB? If not, you should!

October 15, 2019

Do you CB? If not, you should!

Why there is still a need for CB radios today.

By Kim McDonnell

While many drivers, especially new drivers, think that the CB radio is no longer an important piece of equipment to have on the truck - or that it is filled with useless chatter - there are many reasons to prove that you should not be without this valuable tool while on the road.

Yes, we all have our cell phones to rely upon for communication but that is a way to communicate with the folks we know! What about the times when you are heading down the road or at a travel center and you need to communicate with another driver you may not know?

Here are just a few ways a CB radio can save the day:

Traffic Jams/Accidents/Delays – So here you are in a major traffic jam – you can’t see what is up ahead but another driver with a CB that is ahead of you may have already passed through or is right in the thick of things. They can help advise what you may be headed into and how to possibly avoid it. Maybe they can recommend an exit that you can get off to avoid the delay. Or, at the very least tell you if whatever is causing the problem may be cleared up soon. 

No Cell Signal - No Worries – For those of you that are saying “I can just use my cell in case of an emergency” – Think again. Yes, there are still areas of the country where there is little or no signal meaning your phone won’t work. But your CB will still be able to reach someone that has their radio on and perhaps save you when broken down or in an emergency.

Your GPS Loses It!  – Yes, we all have experienced it at some point. The GPS starts telling you to turn down a residential street or is sending you in circles as you are trying to navigate to your next drop point. Utilizing your CB to reach another driver that may be familiar with the area you are trying to get to can save you valuable time.

Weather – We are getting into that time of year where the weather can change in an instant, especially when driving cross country. You can rely on the weather apps on your phone but that doesn’t tell you what kind of road conditions you may be heading into. Using your CB, you may be able to reach out to another driver that has just come through the area you are driving into. They may be able to share specific hazards or if there are icy areas or disabled vehicles on the side of the road which will give you time to react and plan.

Helping Another Driver – As another truck passes you, you notice that there is something under his rig that just doesn’t look quite right – could be a tire that is about to fail or brakes that are starting to smoke. You can reach out on your CB to let them know they have a potential issue and they can safely pull over to check it out before something more serious happens.

Socializing – Use your CB to reach out to other drivers that are close by. Maybe they can give you a good tip on where to stop for the night, what travel center has the best coffee or a great place to stop for a meal that is also truck friendly. You could end up making a new friend that travels the same roads and perhaps have someone to talk too or share a meal with. They could also be more versed in the area and be invaluable when you are trying to find what roads are the best to be on or what to avoid.

Sure, there are still those that choose to use the CB to talk trash, use foul language or blather on about useless stuff but you have the option to just turn that radio down or switch channels. The fact of the matter is the CB is still a must have on your truck and could save your life or that of another driver on the road with you. So, if you don’t have a CB maybe its time you should.