New Year, New You - 3 Tips to an Improved You

January 8, 2020

New Year, New You - 3 Tips to an Improved You

By Hope Zvara, Yoga & lifestyle expert, CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga

The holidays may have taken over your December, but this January it's time to make some positive alterations to the way you take care of that body of yours.

It's 2020 and it is time that you put your health as a priority. And, no, that doesn't mean eating kale three times a day, juicing celery and never enjoying a beverage of your choice. This year I want you to approach your health a little differently. This year, let's consider making small lasting changes that over time will positively impact your life. 

We all have done it, make to-the-moon promises and after about two weeks we fall off the wagon and are back where we started.

I'm here to tell you that building a path faster starts one brick at a time. I believe that over time, implementing one small simple change done correctly and consistenly, will greatly impact you today and in the future.

It's a new year so let's make the most of it! One of the biggest questions I get from clients is "Hope, where do I start". And I'll be honest, most of the time they are expecting me to draw up a diet plan or a strict workout routine. But the truth is, it's all about what YOU will stick to. As a recovering addict I know first-hand the struggle with food and if it's not on my terms, you are wasting your time.

So, here's my new year's nudge in teh right direction. I assure you that the following are not complicated and will probably feel too easy. But that's just it. Do not let your mind convince you fitness, health and nutrition must be complicated. Becuase I'm telling you they don't.

Drink more water! This absolutely must without a doubt be the number one thing you commit to. I get it, drinking more water equals more bathroom stops. But you can be smart about it. You can schedule in your water time, so you don't waste time on the road. 

And before you roll your eyes at what you just read, I want to tell you, "I get it", I travel a lot. And when my head is not in the game, I find myself on the verge of dehydration. So, don't let this happen to you.

Ideally, we want to be drinking half our body weight in ounces per day.

That can be overwhelming to think about, so how about we start small. How about you just start keeping track of what you drink for one or two days. Because we can't change what we don't know exists. And once you do that, look at what you are drinking. Soda? Energy drinks? Coffee? Tea? Juice? Sweet Tea? Water? You are probably already drinking more than what you think you are. Plus, nearly all those beverages I listed are either dehydrating to the body or loaded with sugar. Both do not serve the body when it comes to dehydration.

Next, switch one of those beverages out for a bottle of water. Do that until it's as routine as shifting gears in your truck.

After that, let's add in a new habit. Consider the moment you wake up taking in 6 to 10 ounces of water before you do anything else. If you get up roughly about an hour before leave time, you can hop over to the bathroom and do your thing before you go.Plus, if you add a bit of lemon or lemon essential oil to your water it will help detoxify your body and help to balance your ph. 

Remember, it's all about the little things that turn into new habits.

Get up and walk. Walking is still, and in my mind, will probably forever be one of the number one activities you can do to help your body. Walking massages your digestive system and internal organs. Walking uses major muscles critical for us to continue to move and do what we need to do every single day. Walking gets our blood flowing, our lymph flowing, our heart rate up and oxygenates our entire body.

If you are worried about being able to walk when you are 80 or 90, you best get walking right now. 

Yes, you are tired after a long day. But what if you get up earlier and do a lap around the parking lot? What if you just walk five times around teh travel center building? Your rig? Or just step up and down off teh step of your truck 10, 20, 30, 100 times? It all adds up.

Stop telling yourself it's too complicated or that you have a unique situation. We all do in some way. But when we want it enough, we find a way. So, get out and walk. Walk somewhere, walk anywhere. Because if you don't move it now, there won't be a body to move later.

Gain an Attitude of Gratitude. We have all heard this before, but I will say it again: "no one likes an ungrateful friend." Have you ever been around someone who just sucks you dry? How everything is wrong in their life? And then after you leave their presence, you feel drained, heavy and even negative yourself? Our mind amplifies what we choose to focus on. And if you choose to see the unfortunate things, that is all you will see. But if you choose to see the good things, no matter how small, then that is where your mind will go. And when you are more positive, you tend to make better choices for your life and health. This year focus on noticing the small little blessings, and let's go from there.

This new year, instead of an all-or-nothing mentality, ask yourself what can you do. What can you do and stick to it? Do not let that voice in your head or others around you distract or reroute your intentions.

Hope is a yoga, movement and lifestyle expert, a nationally recognized speaker and best-selling author, and the CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga®. She also hosts a radio show titled "A Daily Dose of Hope" and focuses on the well-being of truck drivers implementing programs that speak to both the body and mind. Providing drivers with a more fulfilling lifestyle by improving their health, mobility and mental point of view. For more information, visit:



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