Top Money-Saving Tips for Truckers

March 10, 2020

Top Money-Saving Tips for Truckers

By Kim McDonnell

We all want to keep as much of our hard-earned money as possible and when you are a truck driver and the majority of your time is spent away from home it can be hard to manage where your money goes.

While it may seem like a big task at first, creating a budget and sticking with it will help you manage how much you spend each month. This will give you visibility on where your money goes and where you may be able to save. While on the road it is easy to lose track of days and forget to pay a bill. Set up automatic bill pay for repeated expenses so that you don’t miss a payment which can lead to late fees or penalties.

Buying food every time you stop can add up to some major cash. Preparing your meals either before you head out or cooking in your cab, will not only save you money but ensure you know what is in the food you eat. Keeping healthy snacks well within reach, such as fresh fruit or nuts will also help you save both money and calories when that hunger pang hits avoiding that bag of chips from the vending machine at the next rest stop. If you are in a pinch many travel centers do offer a selection of salads, fresh fruits, vegetables, and even hard-boiled eggs in their refrigerated sections at a reasonable cost. 

If the travel center or truck stop has a rewards program, make sure you sign up. This can save you money on fuel, truck maintenance, showers, parking and more. RoadPro® Rewards is another way you can rack up points for product purchases at participating retailers. Those points can then be redeemed for Digital Gift Cards that include restaurants, lodging, music downloads, entertainment, and Visa® gift cards.

Make sure to ask about CDL discounts. While they are not typically advertised, many places that serve the truck driving community such as hotels, restaurants and convenience stores will offer a discount. So don’t forget to ask – the savings could prove beneficial.

Take care of your truck. Making sure your truck is properly maintained and keeping it in the best of shape can save you from costly repairs while on the road. As soon as you notice something may not be quite right – pull over and inspect that noise or rattle you hear. A minor issue could become pretty big pretty fast and you may not have the time or money to fix it. 

Keep yourself maintained too! Make sure you are getting exercise and the right amount of sleep. You spend the majority of your time sitting behind the wheel that can lead to various health issues including obesity, diabetes and sleep apnea. That can also lead up to large medical bills or time off the road.  Today there are many drivers and health and wellness coaches that post easy to do exercises on social sites or YouTube specifically geared towards the trucking lifestyle. At the very least try to park in the farthest space from the door when you stop and take a walk!

The trucking lifestyle might not be the most convenient when it comes to saving money but with a little bit of thought and organization, you can keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket or bank account.