Safety Tips from a Pro Driver


Safety Tips from a Pro Driver

May 1, 2023

Safety Tips from a Pro Driver

RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member, Natalie, gives a few tips on how to stay safe as a truck driver and make smart decisions.

Always try to avoid parking on an off ramp. They're coming off of the highway going highway speed still, so it can be very dangerous. If you must, you want to try and park on the on ramp side. They are definitely coming on at a slower pace, so it is safer. 

To stay safe at a truck stop in the middle of the night you are always going to want to stay inside your truck. Make sure you have your curtains closed, and you're not sitting up in the front seat advertising yourself. Lock your doors and make sure you have a way to use the restroom just incase of emergency. You do not want to have to get out of your truck and have to walk across the parking lot, especially if it is dark out and not well lit. You want to stay inside your truck. If you get to a truck stop early enough make sure you go inside to get your food and do everything that is needed while it is still light outside. 

I get asked all the time what I am hauling. I always say it is none of your business. Stay safe and do not advertise your load. If somebody is asking you what you have in the back of your trailer, you should not be telling them anyways. They don't need to know what you're hauling. You never know who is going to want what. You can't trust everybody and you need to keep the load safe and yourself. 

For more tips on how to stay safe on the road visit the video link and 5 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Learn more about RoadPro Pro Council member Natalie here. 


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