Why was FM added to CB Radios?


Why Was FM Added to CB Radios?

April 29, 2024

Why Was FM Added to CB Radios?

CB radios have been a staple for communication among truck drivers and travelers over-the-road since 1945. Whether it’s for safety, convenience, or talking with other drivers, CB radios offer reliable communication, especially in emergencies, and keep drivers connected. Until recently, CB radios have primarily transmitted in AM. While this is effective, it can often cause a lot of background noise and unnecessary static.

In September 2021, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the use of FM transmission in CB radios, a significant change for the industry. The addition of FM transmission brings improved audio quality and reduced background noise, enhancing a user’s experience.

What are the Pros of FM Mode on CB Radios?

The main advantage of FM mode on the new CB radios is the improved sound quality. FM transmission provides clearer sound with less background noise. Additionally, FM mode adds another mode to CB channels, adding to the existing AM (Amplitude Modulation) and SSB (Single Side Band) modes. Importantly, the addition of FM mode does not require a separate antenna, allowing users to easily switch between AM and FM modes as needed.

What are the Cons of FM Mode on CB Radios?

One drawback of FM mode on CB radios is the limitation it poses in communication with regular AM CB users. Users in FM mode won’t be able to communicate with those in AM mode, limiting the range of communication. Additionally, FM mode may have a shorter range compared to AM and SSB modes. However, as more users begin to use the AM/FM mode, these challenges are expected to become less significant.

What frequency does the AM/FM radio have?

The FM mode will operate within the same 40-channel frequency band traditionally used for AM on a CB radio: 26.965 -27.405MHz.

Does RoadKing have a new CB?

RoadPro Family of Brands is thrilled to introduce the NEW RoadKing AM/FM CB Radio. This two-way radio is designed to receive FM signals over a broader spectrum, delivering exceptional audio clarity. The RoadKing AM/FM CB Radio combines the best of both worlds, offering AM for extended range and FM for improved audio clarity with minimal static. They are compatible with existing antennas, eliminating the need for special equipment. Key features include a dynamic microphone, noise blanker, SWR calibration, dual-mode AM/FM brands, automatic noise limiter, and RF gain. Explore the NEW RoadKing AM/FM CB Radio coming soon to a travel center near you or on the RoadKing Amazon Storefront.

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