The Original RoadKing

The Original RoadKing®
The new RoadKing AM/FM CB Radio - for enhanced audio clarity

The professional driver's choice for over 50 years

RoadKing® mobile communication devices and accessories keep you clearly connected. The combination of professional-grade durability, convenient capabilities, and reliable technologies has set the professional driver standard for over fifty years. The original RoadKing has been around since the creation of the interstate – over 50 years! With superior noise-canceling technology and a rugged design, RoadKing quickly became the popular CB microphone choice among professional drivers. We understand the unique needs of today’s professional drivers and what they look for in mobile communications. For these drivers, the CB radio is an essential element for communication and safety while on-the-go. RoadKing is your trusted source for reliable, affordable CB communication equipment and is now pleased to announce the first-of-its-kind complete voice-activated hands-free CB radio system. Watch the video to learn more.


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Bluetooth® Headsets and Mobile Tech Accessories

Bluetooth® Headsets and Mobile Tech Accessories

RoadKing brings you the best in noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets. These headsets feature superior noise-canceling technology that reduces ambient noise levels and improves the listening experience. They pair to any Bluetooth-enabled device with cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless technology to provide total wireless freedom and an extensive operating range. The ultra-soft earpads provide all-day on-the-go comfort and up to 30 hours of talk time.


Along with the headsets, RoadKing offers a selection of heavy-duty charge and sync cables that feature heavy-duty metal connectors with a 6’ reflective nylon braided cord.


With federal regulations banning hand-held phones for CDL drivers, RoadKing offers high-quality, reliable, and hands-free options. Setting the standard for the trucking industry and helping commercial truckers stay safe and follow the law!


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